I want discuss about one of marketing things, War on TVC ( TV Commercials).

I thought that two Provider telecommunication in Indonesia, Telkomsel and XL Axiata, always beating up on TVC, whether it directly or un directly.

A year ago, maybe we remember about tariff war between them. But, I don’t remember about TVC exactly.

Now, war is began. First, Telkomsel said that their tariff (KartuAS) just 20 rupiah per minute. Then, using Sule and Baim as commercial stars, XL attack it, and said that their tariff was 25 rupiah per minute but it isn’t fake. XL TVC showed when Baim offered to choose between 20 rupiah (from Monopoly Money) or 25 Rupiah ( It’s  Indonesia’s Money truthfully ) , he choosed 25 Rupiah.

Now, Sule became commercial star for Telkomsel TVC. He said that he choose Kartu AS (one of Telkomsel products) and said to everyone he just cure from Children Liar (and we know the meaning is word from Baim in XL TVC).

First, I thought that Sule was a brave man because first he support to XL and now attack XL to support Telkomsel.

Second, We can learn that how to beat your competitor, you can use a part of your competitor. Offered him, a better life, a much money, and then he will support us.

Third, Sometimes, war is totally un useful. I don’t know how much every company paid for made TVC. But, now is time to make customer loyalty higher. If those company just want to sell products, it’s totally out of date.

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3 thoughts on “Marketing : War on TVC

  1. “But, now is time to make customer loyalty higher”

    agree most TVC fail to make their customer loyal to them. instead, they just gather another new customer.

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