Writing Task I – Three Days Without Nanny

Well, i feel lacking at English because don’t use English regularly like when i was student. So i take a Writing English class online with iCan English Course and this is my first task writing English again. I tried to write naturally and i wish i got feedback and my writing skill will be better.

Since Monday, Yayu , that how we called nanny for our child, was absent. She was sick and the doctor said she need a rest. So, i must leave from my work.

I must changed role from working-mom to stay-at-home mom. Every Saturday, Yayu goes back to her home at noon and every Sunday she doesn’t come for work. At the weekend, my husband is also at home so i don’t feel worry much.

Being alone with my daughter made me being worried. I want my house always clean but having a baby would make your house always messy. Then, i feel amaze to stay-at-home mom without nanny who can bear their stress.

At Tuesday, Yayu still didn’t come. So i need stay at home again. But, that day, i prepared more. I woke up early, cooked for breakfast, bathed my daughter, nursed her, washed and ironed clothes. I realize, being a mom is really hard because mom is a manager at home and mom must could manage time well.

I would stay at home at Wednesday but suddenly my boss texted me and she said she need help at office. So, i went to the office with my baby. My colleagues helped me. They babysitted and i could get my work done. Aha, next time, if Yayu can come to work again, maybe i will bring my baby to office again.

Today, Yayu is healthy again and come to work. I realize that i have dependent with Yayu and must learn more like cooking, managing time, etc to be a good wife and a good mom.


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