Snugi and Snarl

It’s a lovely story of unconditional love of Snugi, the gentle cuddly monster and Snarl, a lively wild girl raised by Snugi. It illustrated with gorgeous watercolors by @chiketania
Maybe, there’s another classic story about a creature on a quest to find its family after realize something. Snarl meets a lot of creatures at the forest when she realized she has different body from Snugi and she tries searching her family. But, no one will ever the same as her big Snugi. In the end, they reunited again.
You can order it @pustakalanalibrary

​[wpvideo AMvPj2f4]​
I love this book, sometimes i read it for my baby. it helps me to learn english again (yeah, i think my english capabilities decrease a lot hahaha). Well, the texts are very simple so i must add some explanation from the picture. Hehehe. 

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