Book Review : Give A Little Clap

Give A Little Clap Illustrated by Kay Widdowson


All babies love singing and clapping. Clap the special book covers together to make lots noise, as you sing these much loved songs. Helps develop coordination and motor skills.



There’re 5 songs in this book but i only know ‘Listen to the music’ and ‘If you’re happy’. Hand shapped and has ‘clackers’ that can make noisy clapping sound.


Well, sometimes i think it not-so-helpful-book because, yes, baby can focus to listen the clapping sound from the book, but i think baby more understand to study how to clap when i clap my hands in front of her. Hehe.
Now my baby can clap her hands and open this book. Hehehe.

*duuuh saking lamanya ga ngebiasain nulis baca bahasa inggris jadi bulepotan banget* #Halesan *gimana ngajarin bocah*



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