Snugi and Snarl

It’s a lovely story of unconditional love of Snugi, the gentle cuddly monster and Snarl, a lively wild girl raised by Snugi. It illustrated with […] Read More

[Buku] Suara Apa Itu? 

Instagram-walking (menjumput istilah dari blog-walking, daripada instagram-stalking kan?) adalah salah satu aktivitas saya kalo nyambi pumping atau si Ndukni sudah anteng (tidur). Selain mantengin akun-akun […] Read More

Rame(n)ian Palembang

Hei,friday! I wanna share about Ramen in Palembang city. Well,i love culinary and try some interesting places. Now i just review those places. 1. Wagyu […] Read More